Blochers’s Meat Market was established in 1923 by Emil Blocher Sr. and son, Emil Blocher Jr. They ran the business for years when they hired John Erickson Sr. John worked under the Blocher family for many years until buying the business in 1981 from a Robert Jacobs. Jacob’s owned the market for only a short while. John Erickson, father of nine, employed all of his children through the years, until passing in February of 2009. After John’s passing his sons, James Erickson Sr. and Wayne Erickson, took over the business and still operate today in the same location.

Originally cattle walked from the Altoona train station to the Blocher’s slaughter house. This building still stands today. Blocher’s no longer slaughters on site, but the business still receives hanging meat such as beef, pork, and veal from local farms.

Blocher’s originally sold only raw meats until the 70’s when a deli was added. Business has expanded greatly over the last 10 to 15 years.

Blocher’s has been blessed with many great and loyal customers, and have had the pleasure to serve multiple generations.